Captain Underpants and the Terrifying Return of Tippy Tinkle Trousers!

Matthew read this funny and interesting book.  It is good because it has pages full of well illustrated and crazy pictures.  The book is written by Dav Pilkely and his books are really well created.  The series started when the main characters, George and Harold bought a hypnosis ring and they made their head teacher think he is a super hero…Capyain Underpants! 


There are 11 books in the series and as they are all extremely funny you just never want to stop reading.  Even the chapter titles make you laugh.  Book number 9 is my favourite and if you read the series, it might be yours as well.  Every book has a flip-o-rama which is …(Read the book  and you’ll find out!)

I’d recommend it to children who are 7+ because lots of the words are tricky to understand.  Plus some words in little comic’s words are spelt wrong for effect.



The demon headmaster by Gillian Cross

Rosie in year 4 read this book about a girl called Dinah Glass who is fostered by the Hunter family.

She starts a new school and works out why everyone is so well behaved…the demon headmaster hypnotises everyone and tells them what to do. My favourite parts were the last two chapters called ‘the great school quiz’ and ‘look into my eyes’. In the second from last chapter the Eddy Hair show came to Dinah’s school and her school won the quiz against Manor Road School 9.5 to 9. In the final chapter the headmaster gets to do a one minute speech but he is planning to take the whole country under his control by hypnotising them. Luckily Dinah saves the day by shaking a pepper pot at the headmaster and instead of hypnotising the country he just makes a fool of himself! At the very end the Hunters adopt Dinah instead of just fostering her. The book is good because it was full of adventures. I would recommend this book for over sevens. I really liked it because it is quite funny. You should read it!

Visit our school library as there are other books by the same author!

Odd and the Frost Giants

Chris in Year 4 has read this book by Neil Gaiman. Here is his book review…

This book is set in Viking times. Odd is an ordinary twelve year old boy and his father is dead. One day he goes to his father’s shack and falls asleep. When he wakes up, he follows a fox into a magical world where he survives with the help of his friends theeagle, the bear and the fox who are Viking Gods!  Whilst he is in this magical world he needs to defeat a frost giant so that eternal winter will end and the Gods will be happy.  I will not spoil it for you by telling you how he does it! My favourite chapter is when Odd makes a rainbow using a waterfall and the sun.

I would recommend this to all Juniors because it is fun, serious and happy. I also like it because it is a fantasy book.  I kept wanting toknow what happened next and that made me keep reading the book!


Thanks for submitting this book review Chris.  Did you know this author also wrote the film Coraline?

Have a look at his website here: