Michael Morpurgo book reviews


Year 2 read ‘The Dancing Bear’.  It is a great story about a young girl called Roxanne who lives in the mountains. Roxanne is a beautiful and gentle girl, but there are not so many nice things to say about her Grandad. He is a mean and horrible man as he only cares about making money. 
One day Roxanne goes on a walk up the mountains and finds a bear cub. She brings him back to the village and names him Bruno. The whole village loved him, but not her Grandfather. He says they have to get rid of him. Roxanne does not agree, she pleads to him to let her keep him. Roxanne says she will build him a proper cage and finally he lets her keep Bruno. 
Some time later a film crew arrives in the village and wants to make a movie. It will star Niki, the world famous singer, but he needs a dancing bear. They promised to pay a lot of money! But when they rehearse, Bruno will not dance. Roxanne’s Grandad forces Roxanne to teach Bruno to dance, but she refuses. Roxanne’s grandfather gets really angry with her, he only cares about the money to make his farm bigger. So, the next morning Roxanne gets up to go see Bruno. She starts humming to him and amazingly he starts to dance with her. Niki rushes up to her and tells Roxanne that she is going to have to dance with him in the movie. And the rehearsal went brilliantly!!!!!!!! 
They filmed the movie scenes straight away and it was a big success. When Niki was about to leave he asked Roxanne to come with him. Roxanne agreed . Later someone from the village went to feed Bruno but he would not move. Sadly they realised he had died of loneliness.

The butterfly lion

 In class 3 we were reading a book called The Butterfly Lion.  This book is about a boy who runs away from his school but just as he was near the station an old lady came and told him to come in her home, she asked him if he came from boarding school but then he saw a very strange thing it was a sort of butterfly lion!  As he stared at it the old lady started telling a story, “Ah yes,” she said “it all started in Africa”.

 The story goes on and on about how the old lady’s husband used to live on an African farm. One day the boy found a white lion on the farm! But one day circus man came to the farm and took the lion to France.  I shall not tell you the end because hopefully you will read this spelling binding book soon.


Book review on Kaspar – Prince of Cats

 A young, daydreaming bell boy called Johnny Trott, working at the Savoy Hotel in London meets the handsome Kaspar, the prince of cats (who survived the sinking of the Titanic) and the demanding and bossy Countess Kandinsky who is a Russian opera singer.

 Trott is given the responsibility of looking after Kaspar whenever he can, while Kandinsky is performing.

As Trott is orphaned he begins to wonder if Kandinsky is his long lost mother.

Our favourite party is where Trott realises that Kaspar likes him and he has a chance to see the opera that Kandinsky was performing in.  He felt like he was ‘ten feet tall’.

We don’t just love the storyline, but we also love the way that Michael Morpurgo has described the characters, their action and the way they interact.  The mystery of Johnny Trott’s real mother continues…

Year 6  read ‘King of the Cloud Forests’. 
In class, we read a chapter of ‘King of the Cloud Forest’ by Michael Morpurgo.  Here is a short summary of the chapter.  After an attack from the Japanese, a young boy finds himself in a ramshackle cabin in the middle of a blizzard.  Drifting in and out of consciousness, he cannot tell reality from dream.  But that all changes when two yetis come lumbering along… After a lot of poking, sniffing and grunting the boy befriends the two behemoths.