Shared writing

All of the classes paired up to do some shared writing. It was a lot of fun!



Here are those wonderful stories:

Jack and the potatoes
Written by Sarah and Luke

One day Jack needed some money so he sold his horse for some potato seeds. The person he sols it to said these potatoes will be magic. Jack took them home to his mother, Briany. She was utterly disappointed, she wanted money, not potatoes. She threw them out of the window and Jack was sent to his room. Early the next day, Jack same down and noticed a colossal potato covering his window. He saw a door on the potato. He went inside and notice his dream come true… it was a mansion! Suddenly he heard “Fe, fi, fo, fum I smell the blood of an Englishman” a booming voice called. He ignored it then Jack saw a door made of solid gold on the left. He decided to go in. Inside there was a golden goose who laid eggs of solid gold. Jack wanted to keep them but they were so heavy he could barely lift them. He realised that if he got his wheelbarrow he could take hundreds at a time. So he grabbed his wheelbarrow and started to load it with golden eggs. By the time the wheelbarrow was full he had put about 110,360 eggs. He cautiously took the wheelbarrow to his mother. Briany was amazed and took the wheelbarrow to the market and sold the lot of them. She must have got about £100,100,111,111. Her next move was to buy a very big house. The next day Jack went to the potato again. This time he heard “Fe, fi, fo, fum an Englishman has been in my house!” Again he ignored it and went to the door next to the solid gold door. Suddenly a face turned to him and Jack screamed… It was a GIANT!!! The giant started to chase Jack. Jack ran out of the door as fast as he could and started hacking the potato to pieces and lived happily ever after! For now…

Erin and the magic pear
Written by Ben and Erin

One day in a galaxy not far away Erin, a young, pretty girl went to the market to sell her money tree. She met a mysterious man called Ben who said, “I’ll give you this magical pear for your money tree”. Erin said, “Ok” and gave him the money tree.

When Erin got home, she wanted to have lots more pears so she planted it. After a rainy night Erin looked out the window and saw a ginormous castle! She ran out of the house to climb up it and after the tiring journey saw a huge pear. She walked inside to see Peter Pan with a frying pan and he said, “Be gone with ye or I’ll hit you with a frying pan, hmm but which one?” He was choosing carefully. Erin sneakily crept up behind him, picked up a frying pan and wacked him on the head and took his money.

When she got back home she went to the market to buy a feast for her family and they all lived happily ever after.

The End


The School Council had the hard job of deciding the winner for each class…here they are!
CONGRATULATIONS to Adam, Elodie, Scarlett, Evie, Mickey, Lucy and Hamish.


They were the BFG, Timmy the dog from Enid Blyton’s Famous Five books, the butterfly from the Hungry Caterpillar, the wolf from The Three Little Pigs, Aliens wear underpants, Bootstrap Bill from Pirates of the Caribbean and Tracey Beaker by Jacqueline Wilson.

Books, books and more books!

The book fair came to Harvey Road School this week and was very popular. Lots of children found a book by a favourite author and some discovered something new to read. Did you find a new book to dive into?
A big thank you goes to our school councillors and staff who helped to run the book fair this week.















Author visit




IMG_2820Today, for Book week, we were visited by the author and comedian, James Campbell. He shared his new book called ‘Boy Face’. It is not even available in the shops yet! He worked with every class in the school and inspired us to write our own stories.